Special Issue ‘Cyber Security and Privacy in IoT’

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Special Issue “Cyber Security and Privacy in IoT”

I am pleased to announce a special issue of MDPI’s IoT journal focusing on Cyber Security and Privacy in IoT which I am jointly guest editing with Dr James Nicholson.

The uptake of IoT devices continues to rise in many sectors. IoT devices, while convenient for the user, also introduce a myriad of security and privacy issues into the space. In order to protect users against security and privacy compromises, we must look at ways of improving users’ awareness of IoT security and privacy as well as better ways of presenting key information for users to act on.

The aim of this Special Issue is to report on cutting edge methods for i.) educating users on IoT threats and/or ii.) tools that support user understanding and action. Examples may include visualisations, auditory interfaces (e.g. sonification), and voice interfaces, although solutions are not limited to these modes. We also encourage exploratory studies reporting on mental modals, possible design guidelines, or future scenarios.

The special issue is now open for submission and articles will be published as soon as they have passed the peer review process, so the sooner you submit, the sooner people can read about your research.

For full details on this special issue and how to submit your manuscript, please visit the call for papers page.